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Vincent Mazenauer is a Swiss designer born in 1993. He grew up between French-speaking Switzerland, the Netherlands, and completed some of his studies in France in La Rochelle. Residing in Lausanne, he launched in 2019 his high-end furniture project, contemporary luxury combined with ancestral techniques of materials and limited edition for some creations. Over the course of a year, he refined his project towards a historical, cultural, and engineering and technical feat artisanal and conceptual universe. The first design, the Mineral armchair, will be released in 2020. The rest of his creations will remain on this line, using noble and precious materials and a combination of antique and contemporary design. Research and development is conducted on materials before each design in order to achieve the best possible finish. Bronze, an ancient material, in combination with a contemporary line, dominates his latest creations. Sensitive to the concerns of material sourcing and ethics, Vincent Mazenauer is constantly seeking the best production methods to minimize environmental impact. He only produces his creations in Europe (Switzerland, France, and Portugal).

Vincent Mazenauer mainly works with bronze, for all the possibilities that this material can bring in terms of texture and hue, combining this ancestral material with clean lines, creating an innovative combination and bringing back the technicality of the noble material as it was worked in a non-ornamental way during Antiquity and the Middle Ages and in many civilizations around the world. His latest bronze creations are finished with a black patina which brings a lot of character and depth to the final result. In the development of this material, he also discovered other hues and textures through experimental processes before dissemination.

« He is currently using a technique of casting bronze on a wooden base, which provides a certain flexibility in terms of design and finishes in terms of hues and textures. »

Vincent Mazenauer also works with woods such as walnut, oak, and beech. The veins of the wood bring dynamism to the creation of this noble material. He also creates generous curved seating that symbolizes the architectural and mineral diversity through different periods of Design. In 2023, the creations of the MINERAL Collection are covered in the lush « Place des Vosges » fabrics of the Misia Paris house.

His work is currently displayed by the Studio Twenty Seven gallery based in the United States and in London. His next project will be realized in China where he will transform a palace into a design gallery. He will also be represented by several Parisian galleries.

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